Mandatory Public Disclosure Appendix IX

Green Initiatives

Rain Water harvesting System:

SSV boasts of a Rainwater harvesting system with a huge capacity of 2,80,000 Litres.

Rain water from the terrace of the building is filtered and collected in a sump.

The collected rain water is pumped back to the over head tank.

Sewage Treatment Plant:

An ecofriendly Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) with German technology that can handle 25,000 liters of water per day is installed to recycle the waste water.

The waste water is purified and used for gardening hence achieving zero wastage of water.

Energy conservation using Solar power plant:

As a part of energy conservation, our school generates its own energy with the help of an effective solar power plant.

There are totally 77 panels installed in an area of 1500 sq feet with a capacity of 25 KW and an average production of 125 Kwh.

The total system avoids the emission of 80 Kg carbon dioxide per day contributing to a pollution free zone.

Environmental awareness programme:

Rally on cleanliness:

Objectives: The main objective of this activity is to bring awareness about cleanliness among the students and public.

Outcome: Our school students of Grade VIII-X took responsibility to clean their own campus. They also went a rally to nearby streets to create awareness among public about the need for cleanliness on 09.01.2020. They also insisted public to throw their wastes only in dustbin.

Swachhata Awareness Day:

Donating gloves and masks for essential staff:

Swachhata awareness message was posted in the Uolo note cast so that the parents of our school also get awareness on the need for cleanliness. We also went for a field trip wherein the students learnt the importance of keeping our environment clean & green.

Objective: The primary objective of this activity is to uplift the essential staff and their dependants socially and economically so as to enable them lead a dignified life and join the main stream of the society.

Outcome: "Cleanliness is next to Godliness." Our grade 5 Students realised the importance of the essential staff and their contributions. As a token of gratitude, they have gifted them with a pair of gloves and a mask to keep them protected .

Community Outreach :

Our students conducted a rally to spread the need to keep our surroundings neat and clean. We interacted with many people explaining the importance of keeping our environment clean.

Our honourable transport minister Mr. M. R. Vijayabaskar & Karur district collector Thiru.T.Anbalagan, I.A.S, appreciated our children for their efforts to create awareness among the public.